"Empowering Girls to Become Strong Women" 

Girls Council provides activities for girls to encourage inclusiveness, individualism, and help them find strength through relationships and joy in their lives.

What we have to offer:

Girls With Attitude


Girls Circle groups

GIRLS COUNCIL serves girls from 4th—12 grade through girls groups. These groups are co-facilitated by women trained in the Girls Circle curricula we use. We show girls how to build on their potential by empowering them through their own successes.

To participate, girls only need the desire to
attend and offer experience —not advice — through guided discussions.  Girls can
express themselves through creative
activities such as journaling, poetry,
collage, clay, drawing and much more.

Girls Night In events

Friday night is when girls of all ages come
together for activities appropriate for ages 4th grade through high school. 

The evening theme includes discussion on the topic of the evening, creative activities that
relate to the topic, and  sharing of thoughts and the project each  girl created  at the end of the evening.

Mother-Daughter Circle groups

All mothers and daughters have  turbulent as well as good times.  The journey is not
easy—a sigh, a roll of the eyes, yelling.  Both want trust, freedom, love and approval.  The Mother-Daughter Circle, “Heart of the Matter” focuses on:
      * Building Trust
      * Reducing Stress
      * Healthy Communication
      * Setting Clear Expectations & Boundaries

The terms “mothers and daughters” can
include a wide variety of people.  Mothers can be step-mom, grandmother, aunt or any significant mother-figure in a girl’s life.  A daughter can be a step-daughter, granddaughter, foster daughter, niece, or any girl who has a daughter role in your life.

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